Trompe l’Oeil & Tartessos Arts

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This modern build of awesome is Cory Edo’s offering for this month’s edition of Collabor88. Trompe l’Oeil is one of those brand that never disappoints at C88 and this month is no exception.

The open floorplan leaves you plenty of decoration options, although the curved walls may be somewhat challenging if you want a lot of art on your walls!

I decided to work with the new 212 furniture from Nico Griffith’s Tartessos Arts. Look at that couch and chair, materials enabled, it just looks awesome. Of course it’s loaded with animations and the chair and couch are texture change as well.

Taking the stairs up, I have used the 212 bedroom furniture from Tartessos Arts here as well. There is only one point of criticism that I’d like to point out here… This bed is also STUFFED with animations.. but what when your pixels are just tired and you want to sleep…….

Oh well, sleep is for the weak, no?

Happy Sunday! <3

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