Trompe L’Oeil and Cheeky Pea for FaMESHed

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Cheeky Pea and Trompe l’Oeil both are in this month’s faMESHed and I couldn’t resist them. Trompe l’oeil has this amazing Gramercy bed room furniture out, which comes with the bedside tables, the subway and eye chart wall art as well as the steamer trunk and the Gyroscope lamps.
Cheeky pea has made a series of Wanderer Bookshelves, of which I am using Canada and Australia in this setting, because they’re both countries I’d love to visit. There are also shelves for the UK and Ireland as well as for Japan

Other items in the room:
Sweetwater Cacti Terrarium by Cheeky Pea
Water glasses by Dutchie
Wine bottle by Dutchie
Stacks of books by Dutchie
Curtains by LISP
Larkin hanging chair by Pilot
Rug by Post
Brynn Hurricane & Candle by Petite Maison
Old memories mirror by Cheeky Pea
Plant by LP2
Fireplace by Apple Fall
Lanterns by What Next
Deer horns by HUNTER

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  1. love it, i got this furniture few days ago, can you please tell me where did you got this house? textures are great. ty xx

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