The Cusack

Architecture & Interior design

Hey you! Yes, that is you, the one who complaints about sloppy textures, badly aligned prims, alpha flickering and bad proportions in your SL home! I think you should go try Kari’s new skybox The Cusack. It’s building and texturing at its best, and totally affordable too (only 500 L$!!).
I think this should be the building standard for SL to be completely honest. But then again, some of you will say, Menno is your friend, you’re biased… well, yes! Of course! Him being my friend is a guarantee that I feel completely free to nag him about anything I don’t like in his work, to criticize and make sure that once he puts something out on the market, it’s awesome all over. So yeah, call me biased… but go see for yourself!

Since I’m running out of time, No credits, except that also the leaky lamps and the Junk drawers are Menno’s creation. If you have any questions about where the other items are from, leave me a comment!

Taxi to Kari

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