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I was thinking about how to set up for a pic that would do the new mesh drapes by Maxwell Graf for Rustica justice. But no matter how I tried, these deserve a showcase of their own, and not just be “the curtain in a scene”. Well, of course they will make gorgeous curtains in your house or scene, but for this blog, I wanted it to be all about these drapes. So I opted for a clean product image that shows you the possibilities of these drapes.

I should warn you, if you’re a rez and play resident, you may find these a bit challenging, because the rods and the drapes come in separate boxes, so you will have to put them together.  Yanno, rez a rod, rez a drape and fiddle till they work together. Sounds difficult? Then these are not for you. Sorry.

On the other hand, if rezzing a rod and a set of drapes is well within your comfort zone, you will have some of the most luxurious and versatile drapes you’ll ever see.  Or as Max states in his explanatory note: “Your decorating prowess has increased to level OSSM”.
To the left I rezzed the basic full set which is included in the package and which will open and close on touch. This is the base texture, and you can easily color them to whatever hue tickles your fancy. I picked a rich teal color, as you can see in the middle (touched to close the drapes). All the elements, the panels and the swags also come as separates in the box, so you can create your own drapery combination.

Now when you really want to personalize, Max has included the shadow maps which you can export to your computer and add them to a texture of your choice  and upload them again so you can apply them to the drapes. I did this with one of the Classic stripes textures from Insight designs, but of course, the possibilities are limitless.  In the included note card, which you really should read because Max is funny, you will find instructions on how to do this, but really, give it a try, it’s not that hard (right, if even I can do it?).

You will see these appear a lot in my home and decor blog posts over time, but I just wanted to give them some much deserved attention of their own!

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