Jackfrost nipping at your nose….

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I am totally smitten with Trompe l’ Oeil’s Frostbite cottage for Collabor88. From the chimney that emits a bit of smoke to tell you the fire place is making the room warm and welcoming, to the snowpile it is build on and the snow covered firns that are part of the scene.  I rezzed the naturel one (other colors are available as well) in Rustica‘s moon sphere, which I gave a wintery look for this occasion (it comes loaded with awesome ground textures and sky options)  and decorated the outdoors with the Holiday Sleigh from Cheeky Pea’s Chestnut Winter Camp set and the poinsettia’s from World of Wood, available at ground level at Bazar.
The subtly lighted firns in the front are new at Botanical and they come in 4 different sizes and have the option to turn on or off the lights and the big star in the top of the trees. There is a non snowy version available as well.

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