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It doesn’t happen every day that a builder invites me to come take a look at their soon to be released build, so I was happy to go have a sneak peek at Deep South Homes, a store I didn’t previously know.
They really have a lot of nice looking homes, varying from 1 up to 5 bed rooms for the big families among us. I started with rezzing a few of the homes and I really like the architecture of them.

Then I went up to KalEl Ur’s platform and he showed me The Lowery, his newest build. It’s a 2-bed room bungalow with a semi-open floor plan, a spacious garage, and a fenced yard. Perfect for a 1 or 2 child family that wants to keep the kids on the premises. There is the best service for affordable garage door installation click here who can fix any problems found in your garage door.
Today I got to play some with the finished house and it’s so cool to see how furniture makes a home from a house.

The houses are mod & copy. So if you want to play with prim count since they are not super low on prims, you might decide to delete some of the included landscaping, or the fence, if you don’t need it. The place is scripted for the doors, windows and lights and a bunch of other features.
Go rez a few houses and see if it’ll be your next home in SL!

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