Botanisk by Cheeky Pea

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botanisk secluded garden

To cite Isla, the creator of Cheeky Pea “It started out as just a garden and I dunno… shit happened, stuff got out of hand…” And then there was a skybox, and a snuggle nook, and furniture and deco stuff and and and…. well, Isla may call it “shit happened” personally, I think awesome happened!!

I paired the awesome with some more awesome from a bunch of other creators and now I have a new getaway in the sky! Yay!

Botanisk rear garden by Cheeky Pea  @Uber
Botanisk skybox by Cheeky Pea  @Uber
Animated streetlight by Dutchie
Little trees by Keke
Twinkling flower bushes by Dysfunctionality Desigs (DDD)
Botanisk Patio furniture by Cheeky Pea @Uber

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