Expressive Hands


About 70% of ALL communication is non verbal. Body language so to speak. How people use their eyes, their faces to express how they feel about things. Hands are a powerful tool in communication. They speak a language of their own. Ask any Italian :).

SLink has released some awesome female mesh hands with various “expressions”. They come in 2 parts, a rigged wrist in various (standard) sizes and the hands. Also there are 10 pre made blending textures to make your hands fit seamlessly. The option to put in RGB values in chat is not new, but in combination with the wrist blenders, it makes matching so easy. If you have never watched Siddean’s tutorial for tinting feet (or hands) before, you really should. You’ll save yourself lots of time.

A last disclaimer for the use of the hands… make sure you have basic and atmospheric shaders enabled or what will look good to you, may look like fug to the rest of the grid, and before you know it, you’ll end up on someone’s plurk as the tinting faux pas of the day!!

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