Still pretty much up at Mount Olympus, I just can’t get enough from playing with my laurel crows, togas and meander motifs, but there is currently so much going on in SL that it would be a shame to limit myself to Collabor88 only. So I put my glass of wine on Consignment‘s Athena console and wentContinue reading “Lan”


  The new round of The Boutique offers this lovely hair from Shi, the stunning jewelry by Cae and the minimalist gown and vests from Peqe. Of course there is much , much more, but this is just a small selection of awesome. From the newly opened round of My Attic, I picked up theContinue reading “Empire”


If there ever was a reason to dust off the malt and feature him on here, it’s this new knit jacket from Gabriel. Sting usually leads a boring life and gets very little online time, but I have noticed some creators really stepping up the plate of male fashion lately, so he might be makingContinue reading “Gabriel”

ColdLogic dresses me up

The problem with ColdLogic is that they always do massive releases and I severely suffer from choice stress! Which one to wear first? So I decided on a good old fashioned collection pic for this release because it’s all about the dress this time! 2 different models, in 2 different texture packs and all LOVELY!Continue reading “ColdLogic dresses me up”

Avenue Blogspot: The Mature Perspective… by moi!

  I am so very honored that Anna Sapphire asked me to do the blog spot for the September issue of Avenue. The theme is Mature Perspective, so no Lolita stuff from me, but I have tried to show that also those who want a bit more mature look in SL have plenty options toContinue reading “Avenue Blogspot: The Mature Perspective… by moi!”

Shai’s Terno

I‘m so excited about this guest designer for The Boutique this month! One of my oldest and hugely talented friends, Shai Delacroix, is participating with this sleek Terno dress that comes in 4 lovely hues and a HUD for changing them as well as the color of the thin belt and delicate buckle. You betterContinue reading “Shai’s Terno”

Indian Summer

  Supposedly we’re getting the summer back in the second half of the week. I love the late summer days where the mornings and evenings are cool again, and the sun throughout the day still is powerful enough to give you a bit of a tan! Yesterday I drove home though the woods, and IContinue reading “Indian Summer”