Just before I left for my holiday, my friend NIcky Ree asked if I was willing to model with her for her Kelly gowns. Ofcourse I accepted, and was all the more pleasantly surprised when I learned that marvelous black & white photographer Carl Crabe would be shooting.

I had a great time, and I am looking forward to work with both Nicky and Carl again. They both are great fun to be with.

LL Scares Me Again

From the official Linden Blog:

As announced earlier, Second life is being taken down for scheduled maintenance on Wednesday, August 22, 08:00am SLT (PDT) (15:00 GMT).

[Updated 10:40] The bulk of the work is done. We are performing internal testing now. One issue has been identified and is being investigated.

[Updated 11:00] First set of issues is resolved, but a new one has been discovered and is being worked on now. Once this is resolved, we need to complete additional testing prior to opening up the grid. We expect this to be completed by 11:30.

so far so good.. but then:

[Updated 11:25] The new issue has been resolved, but deploying the fix and subsequent testing will take some additional time. We now expect the grid to open by 12:00

[Updated 12:15] We have completed deployment for the fix and are continuing testing.

ok.. better safe than sorry… after all.. Maintenance Wednesday has more than once turned into a general nightmare…..but wait… there is more:

[Updated 12:45] We have identified another problem, resolved it and deployed the fix. We are again testing prior to opening up.

[Updated 13:05] We have identified yet another issue which would affect inworld email delivery. We are currently fixing it and resuming testing.

How much more issues are going to be discovered prior to the grid being brought back up…? is this the point where they are going to fix EVERYTHING before putting the grid back up? Keep searching guys and you will find many more issues, work for weeks of downtime.

What I am really afraid of though is that many new issues will be discovered… by residents.. after finally being able to log back in. I think I might not wait up for it and tuck in early. Ciao!

SL Relay for Life 2007 is over….

and we went out with a bang! More that 32 million L$ were raised this year, which is a smashing success.Money that will be used for cacer research, for supporting people who are fighting cancer, their relatives and care givers. Not only in RL, but also the SL community will benefit from this with a permanent presence of th ACS in Second Life.

I would like to thank my Shopaholics team members for all their efforts and support that has lead to us being the 4th team in raising funds this year. Not bad for a bunch of first timers!

But I also would like to thank all our fellow fundraisers, from all other teams, as well as all the content creators who have been so kind to make special things of which all proceeds went to RFL. And ofcourse the people who have worked so hard behind the scenes to make this all possible, the SLRFL committee, the designers, the scripters, the angels who were always there to support the teams and answer our questions.

A special thank you for Fayandria Foley, the SLRFL chairperson. Without you Fay, your never ending enthusiasm and dedication, your hard work, and your inspiring personality, SLRFL just would not have been the wonderful experience that is was.

On the day after I am full of mixed emotions. I am glad that is it over, from February til the end of July is a huge time to commit to something in SL. I am also sad that it is over, because we all had so much fun during the campaign. I am glad because I have met a lot of really great people through Relay for Life, and it saddens me to know that some of them by the time next edition starts, will not be with us anymore.

The fight is not over, it will never be unless scientists do find a cure for this disease that comes in so many forms. So, I am looking forward to RFL 2008 and to all the beautiful things that will happen in between. Thank you all for letting me be part of it.

Last Call Limited Edition: Sea Nymph

Back in December I was so happy I could lay my hands on some of Dazzle’s last limited editions that Ginny released around the holidays. They still are among my all time inventory favourites. I was thrilled to see that a new limited from Ginny’s magic hads was about to be released and got all geared up (in casu… stripped naked, no hair, no nothing), ready to face what was about to be a fashionista nightmare over at Last Call. Ginny has over 1000 fans in her update group and only 75 gowns available. The only attachment I was seriously considering was a push gun to shoot everyone of the premises, if I had one, but on second thought, I really like Ginny, and I would hate being banned off the sim.

Anyway,almost immediately after the notice that the Sea Nymph was released… the first batch was gone. Ginny herself was impressed by the incredible amount of people camping outside

.**RE-EDIT: The Sea Nymph is officially gone and out of rotation. I apologize profusely for the lag. I had no clue how many people had camped out inside of the store. The dots on the minimap didn’t reveal themselves until I expanded the map and saw a pancake stack 35 high with 18 more stuck at the entrance to the store (me being one of the 18). Remember the hair is limited release and will be in my store and at ETD until July 31st. It’s SO gorgeous. We have a WONDERFUL release planned for next week – an extensive MEN’S AND WOMEN’S release along with exciting news about new projects, new collaborations, new stores, and new builds <3 Have a wonderful weekend!!!! <3<3

Second Batch which was released in the early SL evening… same story, within a couple of hours all 75 items were gone, and a lot of people were disappointed. I must admit, I did not expect this to happen. Wit the last Dazzle limiteds, that were only 60, after a couple of days, there were still some available.

I can’t wait to see the hype that will rock SL next time Ginny releases a limited edition.

Elika made the hair to go with the Sea Nymph, 2 versions of it and a bunch of awesome special textures. This hair is also limited, but in time, not in numbers. It is available until July 31. I usually am not a Willow Pack fan, but in this case I could not resist it, and I even might go for the other pack too.

Hehehe, since Second Style is off the air for a couple of days, and I am addicted to blogging fashion, this has become quite a fashion post.


Blogging for one of SL’s major fashion blogs, I do see a lot of shops. I do check out a lot of new shops too, always looking for that one new designer that stands out in the crowd of wannabe SL fashion designers.

Yes, on my hunts I see quite some new designs, brands and concepts, although these days it seems hard to be truly original. Recently I befriended one of those new designers, Melodee McMillan, who has come up with an original new idea. She sells t-shirts, and there are a lot of people who start their content creating activities with that. But Melodee stands out with her concept. For a review on Melodee’s tees, check the Second Style Blog. The cool concept is the custom colour kit that Melodee offers.She made some of her shirts on 2 layers which you’ll wear together. the actual t-shirt on the shirt layer, and the slogan on the jacket layer. The shirt layer is modable so you can give it any colour you’d like. Now that is creativity in my opinion.

But I was not going to write about Mel’s tees. She has her shop in a new mall, and new malls usually attract new content creators, so while there to check out Melodee’s shop Bratney!, I also looked a little bit further to see if I could spot anything blog worthy, which, on this round I did not.

What I did notice though is the guts that some of the new content creators have in pricing their products. You’ll see poorly styled outfits that are priced at a stunning 300-450 L$! Now I tend to keep the established designers as a pricing reference, and when Ginny Talamasca at Last Call prices a gown at 275 L$, I really wonder how these new folks are going to establish long term relationships with their customers, charging the prices that they do. When you are new to SL and go on your first shopping spree, I can imagine you’ll fall for it, after all, you don’t have a clue about quality and price level in SL. But as soon as you discover the more skilled work of other designers that are priced lower… dunno but I’d feel cheated.

I found this great article by Myst Panther about pricing in SL which I think makes a lot of sense. Myst’s blog Caveat Emptor has a lot of very useful articles for people who are considering opening up a business in SL or have recently done so.

I Definitely Need a New Computer

My friend Aradia Dielli took this picture after she installed her new graphic card….. I have a notebook wit an integrated card that might not even survive the next update, although it’s not even 1 year old……..In order to update anything, I would have to buy a new motherboard, which would cost me as much as a new computer. /me notes that a next computer should be a heavy user desk top

Tuscany in SL

Second Life is massively popular in Italy. Ever since last november the Italian media started covering Second Life quite frequently, there has been a continuous flow of Italian residents to our grid. Since most Italians are not known for being polyglots , they tend to stick together in an increasing number of Italian sims where they can speak their own language. Some of which are really nothing more than a bunch of prims thrown randomly together, but others are real jewels. Like the recently opened sim of Toscana. I went there today to take some photo’s of Last Call’s latest release which I will cover on Second Style Blog. There is a beach, a disco (for the better Rimini feeling), but also replica’s of the bell tower of Pisa, the Florentine Cathedral and a delightful tuscan borgo, a little hill town. It’s a nice sim to just wander around, or to spend a Sunday afternoon with a bunch of friends at the picnic tables. Very Italian, very nice.

The photo is the Milena outfit, that is really lovely and sexy, but did not fit in well with the other photos. I love the contrast though of the dramatic black outfit with the clean drying laundry 🙂

Maintenance Scares the Hell Out of Me

A planned release was postponed last Wednesday wooooo! Too many bugs to release v 1.17.0. Instead there would be some maintenance and limited down time to complete some database work. Sounds good, and I am convinced of the good intentions of our brave Lindens, but OMG… what a pain did SL become after the completion of the work. That cannot have been the purpose.

A blog post on the official Linden Blog mentioned some Search problems that need to be adressed. Such a euphemism. Is that the Bristol influence that we notice already? UK people are masters of understatement. SL is borked. Big time BORKED. Search does not work, you can’t upload anything, sims have disappeared, TP’s fail, people get stuck in sims where they don’t want to be and on top of everything I just tried to log on to a sim where I wanted to go which apparently was unavailable, so I got sent to a nearby sim which happened to be Linden land Hanson. Not only not being able to go where I needed to, but ruthed to the bone. No previously worn attachments have stuck to my avie. Second time around my account was unavailable for like 10 minutes. Good work guys.. awesome maintenance job. I think I am going to faint when the next update is anounced… must be sheer hell as this is only the aftermath of “some maintenance”.
Taking photos is also a virtual impossibility right now, so I took one from my archive.

Relay For Life Midway Fair

Today was the Relay for Life Midway Fair. Half way through this year’s campaign we are now at a striking 20 million L$ (over 80k USD). Most of the RFL support teams had booths or plots set up at one of the 4 available sims, and as soon as the event started traffic was so high. Within one hour the Relay Cure sim crashed.

My team, Shopaholics for a Cause/Cure, was offering tarot readings but the start was so stressfull. The readers could not come in because the sim was full, and one of the 2 that eventually did make her way to the venue kept crashing. Luckily later everything settled down more or less and we could all enjoy the fair.

I could attend only a small part of the event that took place from 1-9pm SLT, as the main part of it was in my night. But it was so much fun seeing everyone looking lovely in gypsy wear. So many wonderful, funny, colourful, sexy people all together raising funds for fighting cancer. It’s just an awesome thing.
Thanks to all my wonderful friends for making this event so succesful and fun. You know who you are!
Now we should start making a serious planning for an event at the end of June/beginning of July. We have found several content creators willing to make one of a kind items that can be auctioned off, and whilst I am not yet relealing any names, I can reassure you that they are amongst SL’s finest designers!

Sometimes Fashion Is Not Enough

Ever since December 2006 I have been writing for Second Style blog. I love it, and probably will be blogging for a long time, but every now and then I would like to share some things with you that just are not appropriate on a fashion blog. Like for Instance the press conference with Bruce Willis which I attended the other day.

The guys at Silverscreen have really gone through a lot to recreate several spectacular scenes from Willis’ latest movie Live Free or Die Hard. It’s a great sim to do some heavy duty exploration as all over the sim you will find some awesome themed freebies made by Sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla from Adam ‘n Eve. Who by the way also made the incredibly good Bruce Willis (Bee Dub) avatar.

But about the press conference. Timing was a bit awkward as Mr. Willis got stuck in the Los Angeles rush hour. So the gathered press, RL and SL alike, as well as some winners from a Bruce Willis contest first waited in anticipation for the actor to arrive at the venue where he would go live on stream to interact with the audence. This was actually quite a funny moment. A lot of the journalists from RL had never been to SL before and paniced when it became clear that moving around in SL is not quite what they expected.

SL resident: pls sit down
RL journalist: how?
SL resident: right click the poseball and choose sit
RL journalist: WTH is a poseball?

Things like that. After a bit it became clear that a little delay was actually quite a bit of a delay, and the audience started to be increasingly nervous. Some of them downright rude and pushy. Now you must know that 4:15 pm slt is actually 1:15 am for me, but I did not want to surrender to sleep and just kept talking with a couple of friends that where there as well. Finally Willis got on stream and the pressconference could start. Total chaos hahaha… people started shouting their questions… over and over again which were answered on stream (yep.. we actually heard Bruce Willis shouting Yippee Ki Yay and even sing a few notes for us). Unfortumnately lag took the better of me after a bit and in the middle of the Q&A my audio began to fail, shortly after which I crashed. When after several attempts I finally made it back in.. the Q&A was over.