Jackie Marie

Jacket by fri.day, skirt by Purple Moon. Click image for full credits Chic Management has informed us that the forced landing spots at Vintage Fair have been disabled, so you can TP directly to all the booths now. Purple Moon is one of Vintage Fair’s sponsors, so if you are still going, visit them becauseContinue reading “Jackie Marie”

Hello Monday!

Hair from Alice Project for Vintage Fair, corset from Ingenue for C88. Click image for full credits Happy Monday! I haven’t much to say today except that the weather is good and I love quiet mornings!! Leaving you for now with a quote of Elizabeth Kübler-Ross: “The most beautiful people we have known are those who haveContinue reading “Hello Monday!”

Vintage Fair Designing Nicky Ree

Gown by Designing Nicky Ree. Click image for full credits I’m a huge mesh fan, you probably would have guessed that already from the amount of mesh items on this blog, but for some things, good old fashioned flexi prims  are still best. Like for non 100% sleek gowns. That said, I’d love to seeContinue reading “Vintage Fair Designing Nicky Ree”

Bizarre Flower

Top by Ladies Who Lunch, flower accesoires by La Gyo. For full credits, click the pic This top is one of the things that Faint Paulse from Lades Who Lunch has out at Vintage Fair. I love the boho-ish look! I’m combining it here with the linen skirt from Tram, but even if you just wear itContinue reading “Bizarre Flower”

Vintage Fair: Adoness

Outfit by Adoness, click image for full credits Although steam punk is not actually what I consider to be vintage, this Odessa outfit from Adoness is seriously cute so I am more than happy to share it here with you guys! It’s a full outfit complete with the top hat and the monocle. I mustContinue reading “Vintage Fair: Adoness”

Vintage Fair: One Bad Pixel

Dress by One Bad Pixel. For more credits, click the image Ever since sachi Vixen and Siddean Munro joined forces in One Bad Pixel, their releases have been rock solid. This pretty Vintage dress which is only available at Vintage Fair for now, is no exception. It comes in a ton of colors, really, but I love this canaryContinue reading “Vintage Fair: One Bad Pixel”

Vintage Fair Ploom & CIA designs

Hair by Ploom and dress by CIA designs. Skin by Belleza and Jewelry by Caroline’s. Click the image for full credits CIA designs is new to me, but this black sequined number is pretty fabulous, even though it does give me quite a bit of “junk in the trunk”. Ploom hair isn’t always my cupContinue reading “Vintage Fair Ploom & CIA designs”

Vintage Fair: 22769

Hat by Lode, dress by 22769, hair by Wasabi Pills, skin by Belleza. Click image for all credits This dress caught my attention in the 22769 booth at Vintage Fair. Not that the other items didn’t appeal, but I love monochrome graphic patterns for clothing and it makes the red hair stand out! Visit 22769Continue reading “Vintage Fair: 22769”

Vintage Fair: Sway’s

All furniture by Sway’s. For full credits, click the image Sway Dench from Sway’s has a colorful 60’s inspired living room out for Vintage Fair. You can buy color sets, or go for the all color pack. The chairs come in a male and female version, both with a decent choice of animations Like allContinue reading “Vintage Fair: Sway’s”

Aura & What Next at Vintage Fair

All furniture and decoration by What Next, Clothing by Aura. Click image for full credits Aura is one of Vintage Fair’s sponsors, and there may be a bit of confusion, because Aura is currently in the process of rebranding. Atomic by Ivy Graves and Aura by Tyr Rozenblum will be merging and become Auxiliary in the nearContinue reading “Aura & What Next at Vintage Fair”