Vintage Fair Ploom & CIA designs

Hair by Ploom and dress by CIA designs. Skin by Belleza and Jewelry by Caroline’s. Click the image for full credits CIA designs is new to me, but this black sequined number is pretty fabulous, even though it does give me quite a bit of “junk in the trunk”. Ploom hair isn’t always my cupContinue reading “Vintage Fair Ploom & CIA designs”

Vintage Fair: 22769

Hat by Lode, dress by 22769, hair by Wasabi Pills, skin by Belleza. Click image for all credits This dress caught my attention in the 22769 booth at Vintage Fair. Not that the other items didn’t appeal, but I love monochrome graphic patterns for clothing and it makes the red hair stand out! Visit 22769Continue reading “Vintage Fair: 22769”

Vintage Fair: Sway’s

All furniture by Sway’s. For full credits, click the image Sway Dench from Sway’s has a colorful 60’s inspired living room out for Vintage Fair. You can buy color sets, or go for the all color pack. The chairs come in a male and female version, both with a decent choice of animations Like allContinue reading “Vintage Fair: Sway’s”

Aura & What Next at Vintage Fair

All furniture and decoration by What Next, Clothing by Aura. Click image for full credits Aura is one of Vintage Fair’s sponsors, and there may be a bit of confusion, because Aura is currently in the process of rebranding. Atomic by Ivy Graves and Aura by Tyr Rozenblum will be merging and become Auxiliary in the nearContinue reading “Aura & What Next at Vintage Fair”

Vintage Fair: Adam ‘n Eve & Baiastice

Hair and skin by Adam ‘n Eve, Clothing by Baiastice. Click image for full credits This Hollywood skin that sachi did for Adam ‘n Eve is such a classic face. It reminds me of the actresses in the silent movies, maybe also because of the hir she did for Vintage Fair, too! Anyway, it’s aContinue reading “Vintage Fair: Adam ‘n Eve & Baiastice”

What Next at Vintage Fair 2012

  Study set by What Next, clothing by Aura. For more credits, click the image Vintage is way more than clothing, there is a vast market for vintage furniture. Not quite yet antique, but definitely not made yesterday either. Traditionally when “Vintage” comes to mind you get images of fashion and interiors from the 50’s,Continue reading “What Next at Vintage Fair 2012”

52 Weeks of Color: Jonquil

Hair by Wasabi Pills, Skin by Belleza, Jewelry by Maxi Gossamer, Dress by Ison. For complete credits, click the image Week 32 of the color challenge… I made it through the first half year. Yeah, I know that was a couple of weeks ago, but still… wow.  I knew that Vintage Fair would somehow fillContinue reading “52 Weeks of Color: Jonquil”

Vintage Fair: Gizza & Belleza

Outfit by Gizza, skin by Belleza. For more credits, click on image Gizza and Belleza are both sponsors of Vintage Fair 2012, which has opened to the public now. The outfit that Gizza offers is vintage in more than one way, while the look is timeless,  Gizza has decided not to use a mesh shirtContinue reading “Vintage Fair: Gizza & Belleza”

Vintage Fair preview: Di’s Opera, Belleza and coldLogic

Skin by Belleza, pose by Di’s Opera and dress by coldLogic. For more credits, please click image. I’ll probably never be a Twiggy, but I sure still love her gamine style. coldLogic has prepared a serious release for Vintage Fair and as one of its sponsors, coldLogic creators Zyrra Falcone, Damien Fate and Janie Marlowe deserve aContinue reading “Vintage Fair preview: Di’s Opera, Belleza and coldLogic”

Vintage Fair Photo Contest

From the Chic Management website: We just love giving back to you guys, so of course we needed a competition to reflect that! For the second year running we are holding a Vintage Fair flickr competition. Below you can find the rules of participating and the prizes. We’re going to keep our team of judgesContinue reading “Vintage Fair Photo Contest”