Sunny & La Faveur

 Tuli has a new skin out at Skin Fair, Sunny,  and it’s certainly worth a demo!!!! She makes some of the most elegant faces in SL. Also, for this round of l’Accessoires, Miamai has this lovely hat La Faveur which comes in different colour combinations and has this hair attached. All changeable in a HUD.Continue reading “Sunny & La Faveur”

Trust your girl guts

  Fact: even after almost 7 years in SL, I still can’t visit Tableau without wanting to buy ALL the things. Earlier I saw a plurk that Toast Bard, the creator behind the hand drawn brand Fashionably Dead, in honor of SLB10 has dug up and repolished her epic Jellies and is selling the wholeContinue reading “Trust your girl guts”

Not feeling it

  Sorry, I don’t mean the clothes, of course! I love everything I am wearing in this post! But’s I’m simply not feeling to put stuff on the blog, and go over credits etc., lately after having taken the pics. I don’t know, maybe it’s time for a little break. So forgive the mess ofContinue reading “Not feeling it”

Beatrice Serendipity

  Happy easter, eggies! I was so tempted to hide white eggs outside today, because overnight another sheet of snow has covered our yard, but when I opened the box to boil them this morning, I discovered that I got brown ones…. of course. Anyway, inside it’s warm and cozy and outside… well, it’s whiteContinue reading “Beatrice Serendipity”


  This gorgeous new face from Tuli will be available at skin fair when it opens on March 15. She’s one of those skinners that has been around forever, and it shows. Her skins are exquisite and are flawless!. I just saw this funny post on her blog, with the first pic she ever tookContinue reading “Elyse”