Can’t get it out of my head

When I blogged about the mesh heads from The Shops, I mentioned that 3rd parties would be able to make appliers for them. Today I got to play with the first one I have seen around, Deetalez Vanity skin applier. I am wearing it on the “Soft” head and well, yes, I have to admit,Continue reading “Can’t get it out of my head”

The Shops: an adventure in mesh

Despite the sometimes more than frustrating shopping experience with the infamous HUD and all related issues of not being able to deposit exact amounts, and retrieve surplus amounts after shopping, the over all steep pricing (and not always having the feeling as a customer you get value for money) and the simple fact that LLContinue reading “The Shops: an adventure in mesh”


I was about to start to IM Kavar if he had decided to stop making hair in SL and then this new release came out. TOO LONG, MR. CLEANSLATE!!! He has been updating the HUDs that are used to change the colors of the hair though, so I forgive him .The Exile textures are invariablyContinue reading “Exile!!”