Are you ready?

  So many starting events this weekend! Fameshed, The Arcade and Whore Couture fair (yeah, I know, I hate the name, but it’s the 3rd edition so it has some raison d’etre) and I’m probably missing a couple of other events. But the bottom line is.. if you need retail therapy, this is a goodContinue reading “Are you ready?”

The Arcade is coming… and Mimi is in it!

  I don’t have much patience to play with all the adorable stuff that is always in The Arcade. I am so jealous of people who make the cutest quirky pics which you can see in the Arcade Flickr group, but that doesn’t mean I am not enthusiastic about this event. It’s one that IContinue reading “The Arcade is coming… and Mimi is in it!”


I’ve hugely neglected the home and decor part of the SL market lately. I don’t know, blame the RL events of the past few months, I guess. I didn’t have the peace of mind to put together more than an outfit and blog it, and sometimes not even that. Yesterday though, I rezzed Cheeky Pea‘sContinue reading “Collage”

Blood thirst

Sometimes even the gentlest creature gets caught with an overwhelming thirst… blood thirst. The little drink won’t do… you just need to sink your teeth in your victim’s neck and let the blood fill you till you feel drunk with the warm, thick fluid of life and their body goes limp in oblivion. Can youContinue reading “Blood thirst”

Leila to the Gatcha

  Belleza is in this round of The Arcade as well, with the lovely Leila. 15 skins in various skin tones will be available for those who want to try their luck, starting September 1! The version showed above is one of the rares. No brows.. so you can add your own on a tattooContinue reading “Leila to the Gatcha”

Candy for The Arcade

I’m delighted to be able to share a preview of Glam Affair‘s Candy skin for The Arcade, which will start on September 1. Look at the gorgeous make ups… Some will be in America skin tone, and a few in the slightly lighter Europa.     Hair by Truth, top by gO! and the eyes…Continue reading “Candy for The Arcade”

Love the way you lie

  Hair: Adorable by Tuty’s Skin: Candy by Glam Affair (out soon at The Arcade) Eyes: work in progress by Ikon Earrings: Pearl stone by Zenith Blouse: Love the way you lie by Liv Glam Leggings: black leather by Maitreya Shoes: Lauren d’Orsay by Gos Boutique

Belleza for The Arcade (starts June1)

Look at gorgeous Ellie! She will be available at the next edition of The Arcade which will take off June 1. Belleza is one of the MANY participants this time, and honestly, I am a bit worried about the amount of lag that will come from all those gatcha scripts. This edition is significantly biggerContinue reading “Belleza for The Arcade (starts June1)”

Luria for The Arcade

  The Arcade will be back tomorrow March 1, and I am continuing my Love Affair with Glam Affair  with these special Luria skins! No odd colors this time, just awesome make ups on the gorgeous Glam Affair body bases! I am going to go SO broke this round again! Check the Shopping Guide forContinue reading “Luria for The Arcade”