Celoe has the Amae shoes out which are fun and sexy and awesome all at the same time. They come in a vast array of colors (single and duo) with appealing names like Biscotti, Gogh, Prince and Folly, which I am wearing. Give spring a headstart and go try these fabulous and impossibly highContinue reading “Amae”

Chilly but with plenty of sun

That’s pretty much the perfect fall weather… chilly with plenty of sun. It took a while, but in RL the leaves are really turning the brightest reds and yellows and when the sun shines, it’s gorgeous outside. It’s great to take a walk in this weather, which I try to do every day… but I’mContinue reading “Chilly but with plenty of sun”

Ruffle Flower

Last week someone mentioned  “how many tank tops one really needs”. Well, let me tell you, I never have enough well made tank tops. With the emphasis on well made. I know there are a lot of templates around, slap on a texture, tadaaaa, tank top. yeah…. I don’t mean those. But this tank, madeContinue reading “Ruffle Flower”