Dutchie’s Study

Dutchie‘s Froukje has remade her most popular furniture, the Dom/me chairs in mesh!! They now are 4 L.I.  and stuffed with 10 single and 70 couple animations and 4 sequences and no balls (also in a PG version, but, like Froukje says “who cares”)! To match the chairs, there are library segments and a cast ironContinue reading “Dutchie’s Study”

Sailor Princess in Genie’s Bottle

This month’s Collabor88 is hilarious! One of the best ever. I know, I keep saying that, but jeez, these creators never seem to run out of ideas!! I’m wearing R2‘s  Sailor shirt and skirt with La Viere‘s fake plastic crown (yanno, cuz I’m a princess!) and Diva‘s adorable Norma Hair. The Dreamy Genie Bottle skybox byContinue reading “Sailor Princess in Genie’s Bottle”