I’m a f*ckin’ princess

I don’t need a crown… I actually don’t even need “princess” on my dress… but gosh, did Blueberry have nother great release! And yes, the princess print is fun, so I went for that one! there are plenty other prints available though, and non print versions! In case you’re not feeling princess-y Hair by Opale,Continue reading “I’m a f*ckin’ princess”

The witch at home

When not stirring my cauldron, brewing up new concoctions, I love a quiet moment with my crystal ball, looking into the future….. Credits: Hair Blair by Tableau Vivant (Salem) Mesh head Cami by Catwa Facial applier Liya by Pink Fuel Kismet dress by Just Because Magick shoppe by Death Row Designs (Memento Mori)  


Pink Fuel has a new Catwa applier out, Liya and damn, she’s gorgeous!!! I’m wearing her here on Tumble, but i have been playing with a couple of other heads as well (though i forgot to record which heads really. I know, I suck!) Either way. you can check them out here. Liya comes inContinue reading “Liya”

The Princess and the Pea

Call me biased but I find the upcoming Arcade stuff from Olive and Paloma more than adorable!! Princess and the pea themed, one of the rarer is a super high towering bed with lots of soft mattresses that would be enough to let everyone sleep like an angel…. unless you are a true princess! Further, thereContinue reading “The Princess and the Pea”


I found this great Abandon scarf and pants by Dead Dollz in my inventory today. No clue when I  bought them, but gosh, it’s so perfect. I am waring it with  one of the latest tattoos from White Widow, Lost River, which has appliers for my Maitreya Lara body! On my head, the incredibly intricateContinue reading “Abandon”

Thalia Heckroth

If there is one blogger in SL who I admire like no other for their styling and ability to create captivating images, it’s Thalia Heckroth. So when I heard she has started to make clothes, using her own name as a brand name, I had to go try it out! I am wearing her AnyaContinue reading “Thalia Heckroth”


  Lili is the new blouse/dress from Mutresse that is out at this month’s Fameshed. I seriously adore this brand. Not only is the mesh very well made, but with all the retexturing options, it’s endless play time! Also from this month’s Fameshed, the new Sarah hair from Wasabi Pills… it’s such a lovely styleContinue reading “Lili”

Hips don’t lie

  I am wearing the new items from Mutresse, The Dupla ruffled leggings and the Dupla Bustier. They come with a HUD to change textures, and the options are all so cute. Sometimes a still pose just won’t work for me for a pic, so for this one I used one of the Shakira dancesContinue reading “Hips don’t lie”

The 3rd With Love Hunt

with awesome participants and ditto hunt items!! A picture says more than a 1,000 words, so here we go: Pink Fuel has this special PINK Alyx skin for you and Les Petits Details does this French Dress with beautiful ruffled collar (not mesh). You may have seen this blogged before, but  this Chloe cape fromContinue reading “The 3rd With Love Hunt”