Mirja Mills from Emo-tions has been making some pretty stunning jewelry lately. This one is called Everlasting and isn’t it a gorgeous set? When you buy it you get 3 sets in different colour combinations, this one is Turquoise. I love Emo-tions for their (fantasy) hair, but this is surely an awesome addition toContinue reading “Everlasting”


  This weekend, I got this awesome latex pencil skirt from Sn@tch that just screams for a dramatic look. So I chose to pair it with Ison‘s Geometric Corset in yellow, for the bold contrast and Glam Affair‘s Lisanna hat. Then I needed one gorgeous piece of jewelry to finish the look and I decidedContinue reading “Viola”

52 Weeks of Color: Charcoal

Happy Halloween to all of you who celebrate. Other than the occasional pumpkin at crafty women’s front doors, Halloween in the Netherlands is mostly something that the shops try to push on us, but there is really no Halloween tradition here. This outfit I was going to wear to The PIxel Bean last night, butContinue reading “52 Weeks of Color: Charcoal”