I’ve hugely neglected the home and decor part of the SL market lately. I don’t know, blame the RL events of the past few months, I guess. I didn’t have the peace of mind to put together more than an outfit and blog it, and sometimes not even that. Yesterday though, I rezzed Cheeky Pea‘sContinue reading “Collage”

BA, Cheeky Pea and SA for Collabor88

It’s a good furniture and building month for Collabor88 with releases from Pilot, The Loft & Exposeur, Trompe l’Oeil and the ones mentioned in this post, Barnesworth Anubis with the Sodermalm skybox (with a 3D exterior, which I really like) and, in above image, Cheeky Pea’s Ansel living room (which includes more than actually shownContinue reading “BA, Cheeky Pea and SA for Collabor88”

Dutchie’s Bistro table

  Dinner for 1, 2, 3 or 4? Or just sitting down for a glass of wine or coffee? You can have it all with this set from Dutchie! Of course with the awesome animations and sequences you are used for in Dutchie’s products. I have placed the table in Funky Junk‘s Noelle Cottage whichContinue reading “Dutchie’s Bistro table”


  I took this pic in the lovely skybox that Markus Slingshot made for Together for Sway and I’m wearing ColdLogic‘s Ally dress, also for Together for Sway. Sway Dench has been a fixture in Second Life for years. She creates some of the cutest furniture and decor, and is famous for her Cookie Bears.Continue reading “Antlers”

Chestnut Winter Camp for C88

Another C88 post because this edition is SO cool…. literally as the inspiration is “frostbite” and the creativity again overwhelming. I’m a happy camper in Cheeky Pea‘s Chestnut Winter Camp, with all the items full of animations, both in a PG and an Adult version. Please try the ones on the iglo, they are so cute!! Although in RLContinue reading “Chestnut Winter Camp for C88”

Not So Bad: Charly Lobby

One of the new releases from Not So Bad is this Charly Lobby. A clean build, perfect entrance to your penthouse (Not So Bad’s Ines skybox), and awesome for photography. For today;s look I’m Wearing Molichino‘s Fame dress with one of the floral scarves from Tres Blah for the first edition from The Arcade. Truth‘sContinue reading “Not So Bad: Charly Lobby”

Hello Monday

A new bed room from Dutchie!! Colonial style, teak, awesome and…. full of high quality animations as you are used to with all Dutchie furniture! The bed comes in 3 versions, PG, Adult and BDSM and Froukje has found a way to put even more animations in them! Especially the BDSM bed has a lotContinue reading “Hello Monday”