ColdLogic is one of the power houses in SL. They always have large releases of several models and tons of textures and their stuff is always, always perfectly executed. You really can’t go wrong with ColdLogic. Now some people may say that this also makes it a bit boring, but hey… not everyone in SLContinue reading “Wilde”

nobody gonna break my stride

I know I have been showcasing Thalia Heckroth‘s releases a lot lately, but when a fellow blogger steps up like this and starts releasing a series of really awesome designs like she is currently doing, I want to give her my full support! Her latest addition to the collection is this Andre skirt which standsContinue reading “nobody gonna break my stride”

Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair

Braids!!! Wasabi Pills has them. In abundance. At Hair Fair. And if you don’t have at least tried them on by now… shame on you. The lag at Hair Fair is almost completely gone, so what’s your excuse for not taking a trip and buy some hair of which at least 15% will go towardsContinue reading “Wasabi Pills @ Hair Fair”

Mina @ Hair Fair

Mina, a fellow dutchie of mine has 3 lovely hairs out at Hair Fair. She usually has no greys and whites in her collection so I’m not wearing her hair that often, but she’s good and I especially love the short male crop that she did! Hair Fair is still going on for little overContinue reading “Mina @ Hair Fair”

Miamai @ Hair Fair

In the mass of lovely but not extraordinary mass of long and longer hairs, Miamai‘s Hair Fair collection is pretty awesome. Not the hair you’ll wear every day with a t-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans, but Monica stuns me again with her creativity and imagination. Miamai at Hairfair is located at REDHEAD and remember,Continue reading “Miamai @ Hair Fair”

Tableau Vivant @ Hair Fair

Another brand that is fast becoming one of my favorites is Tableau Vivant by m4ri1yn magic.  Their hair range from perfect every day wear through high fashion to awesome fantasy wigs. The 4 out for Hair Fair are very wearable and the 2nd on the pic is unisex, so there is a version sized for male headsContinue reading “Tableau Vivant @ Hair Fair”

Exile at Hair Fair

I honestly think that Kavar Cleanslate of Exile is one of the best hair makers in SL. He has been around forever and with the last update on his textures and crazy modeling skills, I simply love every hair he makes. Exile has 5 hairs out for Hair Fair, of which two are male hair (3rdContinue reading “Exile at Hair Fair”

Hair Fair 2014

Hair Fair 2014 has started!!For me it’s like the original SL charity related event. I went a bit shopping crazy last night when I had the chance to sneak in and I’m pretty excited to share some of my favorite styles with you! Above you see: Argrace, Lamb!, Milana, Elua, Lelutka and Ohmai Hair Fair’sContinue reading “Hair Fair 2014”