52 Weeks of Colors: Sepia

Sepia, originally being the dark brown/grey pigment derived from the ink sac of the sepia cuttlefish, nowadays, thanks to photography stands for a wide range of demure browns, sometimes even with golden touches. It’s a pretty baroque palette to work with and  I love it.   I started out with the worn choco Matusalem jacketContinue reading “52 Weeks of Colors: Sepia”

Orta’s Cassandra is Regal

There are a lot of creators in SL that make formal wear. Sometimes horrible, sometimes beautiful. But usually formal wear in SL is very intricate, with busy, sequined textures and lace and satin effects and ruffles and bows, and sometimes all of the above in one creation. The new gown from Valena Glushenko at OrtaContinue reading “Orta’s Cassandra is Regal”

52 Weeks of Color: Plum

After last week’s halfhearted attempt to do “something”with goldenrod, I’m back in full swing with plum. This color is so much more appealing to me. I’m wearing Dela’s knit cardi in wine, with Whippet & Buck’s Cole boatneck sweater in plum.  The beautiful Downtown Glam necklace is from MOOD. I did manage to get intoContinue reading “52 Weeks of Color: Plum”

Of Winter Come and Snow … and Goldenrod

Okay.. so Hui took some pics of us fooling around in the snow… this one was taken after he completely beat me at a snowball fight and kinda molested Mr Snowman, too… so yeah, I was not exactly happy at that time… and he KNOWS it! Look at that apologetic, schmuck face! *grins* I gotContinue reading “Of Winter Come and Snow … and Goldenrod”