Opera Season

  With the summer coming to an end and the days shortening, the theatre and opera season takes off again. I know that people usually don’t dress formally anymore to go to the opera, and I regret that. It’s a lovely occasion to put on a gorgeous gown and enjoy an evening of music andContinue reading “Opera Season”

Baggy Pants

  A super quickie because I need to hear out for some errands, but I’m SO happy about the new baggy pants that Maxwell Graf has out at the Men’s department for Bitch and Bastard  (in both male and female sizing). They are awesome, come in a truckload of colors and patterns. I’m wearing theContinue reading “Baggy Pants”

Indian Summer

  Supposedly we’re getting the summer back in the second half of the week. I love the late summer days where the mornings and evenings are cool again, and the sun throughout the day still is powerful enough to give you a bit of a tan! Yesterday I drove home though the woods, and IContinue reading “Indian Summer”


  My old friend Roslin Petion has made this gorgeous After Midnight under bust corset for her new brand Luxuria, and while it’s very tempting to just frolic around in the corset and a pair of sheer panties, I decided to dress it up and make it feed friendly! I’m wearing it with the oldContinue reading “Baroque”