Gates of Melancholy

I have a new favorite hang out sim. Gates of Melancholy, by Shelley70. Beautiful landscapes, lots of nice scenes for photography, all inspired by American artist Andrew Whyeth. Wyeth was one of the most influential 20th century US painters, known for his realism and crisp style. His work conveys solace, decrepitude, isolation as well asContinue reading “Gates of Melancholy”

Life is a prison

Prison is a new installation by the amazing Chica Ghost. Being not a lot more than steel bars and heavy doors, this sim is hauntingly beautiful and eerily attractive to me. Do I want to keep out… or do I want to stay in? Actually… getting in is a bit of a challenge, too! IContinue reading “Life is a prison”

Hanging out on a Wednesday

This week’s release at ColdLogic has the prettiest dress!  Esper is a pretty little shift dress with a halter back and there goes a blouse over it, tied around the hips. The dress is shaded appropriately, so you need to wear it with the shirt, but I love it like that. I am wearing the dressContinue reading “Hanging out on a Wednesday”

Noble goes Dutch: De Vesting

Isle of Noble has been transformed in to a charming Dutch fortified town, vesting in Dutch and I imagine it’s a bit like walking aroundin Epcot… You get the feeling you are there… but you are not 🙂 It’s very well done, the lay out of the town is very reminiscent of the lay outContinue reading “Noble goes Dutch: De Vesting”

SLink West, for all your applier needs

Adjacent to the SLink main store sim, SLink West has opened its doors this weekend. The sim is dedicated to eveything applier/add- on for SLink products, so whether you want some shoes, or manicures/pedicures or SLink Visage appliers, you can find it gathered here! Are you ready for the list? Sit down, it’s a lot!Continue reading “SLink West, for all your applier needs”


I have promised myself to explore more. After all SecondLife is full of awesome places and it’s almost a shame to stick to just your little plot or limit yourself to your usual circle of clubs and venues. Today I went to Goatswood. a charming Victorian sim which is home to a RP community butContinue reading “Goatswood”