Normally you’d seek some contrast in a photo, complementary colours make a strong image. But sometimes, it’s maybe even stronger to stick to pretty much one colour. At first I imagined to shoot this lovely Paola dress in a field of poppies, but when I came across this field of what I like to thinkContinue reading “Brassica”

Bow tie

Have you survived the Christmas chaos? I had the most lazy one imaginable, and I am still recovering. I know, I’m so bad ad christmassing! Now the last couple of days of a year that has been rocky to say the least and then all is back to normal in a new year that hopefullyContinue reading “Bow tie”

The Temptress

For The Liaison Collaborative, Belleza made Eva, and what a tempting skin it is. The previcous couple of skins from Belleza didn’t really fit me, which is odd, because many claim that these skins all look the same to them.. but I kid you not, I wasn’t feelng the previous couple of skins on myContinue reading “The Temptress”


I ran into this Yuanyang sweater at Zenith last night and I am loving it. I love a lot of Zenith‘s stuff, I admit, they are just doing such lovely things with both modeling and textured. The lower sleeves of wide neck sweater are HUD changeable, but for this look I went with black becauseContinue reading “Yuanyang”