And just like that, another month gone

Sometimes I wonder if I should just giving up this space alltogether. RL is currently so all consuming that, even though I am in world and I do take pics, I can’t be bothered by going that extra mile and post them on here and do credits etc etc. On the other hand, the domainContinue reading “And just like that, another month gone”

Les Palmiers

After this week of vacation I have been on, with the amazing Italian spring weather that equals pretty much summer temperatures for my own country, I am so crazy ready for summer! Bring it on!!! I want to toss my coat in the corner and not have to look at it before September ends soContinue reading “Les Palmiers”

Wintry mood, wintry hood

Every now and then I stray from my usual Glam Affair, Belleza or Deetalez skins, like today. I am wearing Nar Mattaru‘s Zoe skin. Isn’t she pretty? It comes with all SLink Physique appliers, so that’s the body I am wearing today. Speaking of which, I picked up Miamai‘s Luxe Folded at My SLink ObsessionContinue reading “Wintry mood, wintry hood”

52 Weeks of Color: Unmellow Yellow

I love yellow, yet I found I didn’t have that much yellow in my inventory. Weird! Anyway, I decided to go with Decoy‘s Sophie dress and Glow Studio‘s Plume Collier. My skin is Belleza‘s Lily v1 and hair is Truth‘s Kirby. Eyes, as usual, are Ikon‘s

52 Weeks of Color: Raspberry Glacé

I love all kinds of purplish/antique pinks and anything in between, so this week was really right for me. I’ve picked ColdLogic‘s Graham top in the purple shades, with Decoy‘s Mraz scarf in grape and I’m wearing it with the new jeans from Maitreya, the  Seahorse – Pearl Starfish necklace from Maxi Gossamer with LilyContinue reading “52 Weeks of Color: Raspberry Glacé”