I’m a f*ckin’ princess!

Happy birthday Collabor88!! Versailles Pavillion by Barnesworth Anubis (C88) Baroque chair by Purple Poses (C88) Giselle hair by Clawtooth (C88) Adeline head by Genesis (C88) Desdemona statement earrings and ring by LaGyo (C88) Hana dress by Mutresse (C88) Kate shoes by N-Core  

Cake by the ocean

It’s such a silly song, and so catchy too. I find myself humming it on the weirdest occasions and it makes me smile. Summer hit! (That is, if summer didn’t happen already in my part of the world and retired for the year already) Hair: girlfriend in a coma by the fabulous Bubble Clawtooth ofContinue reading “Cake by the ocean”

Wall flower

it’s the 8th of the month again and you all know what that means… Collabor88 time! It’s the prom edition this month, meaning that the designers get to invite a promdate for a collab at collab! and the result is again, awesome! I am wearing Foxes‘wall flower dress with Fri.day‘s Marsali flats, which makes forContinue reading “Wall flower”

Before Dark

October is upon us and that means there is NO ESCAPE from the pumpkins, the zombies, the ghoulies, ghosts and all things Halloween. Even if you’re not celebrating, there is no escape. So you better comply, assimilate (because yanno, resistance is futile anyway) and enjoy the dark and eerie stuff. This month’s Collabor88 has aContinue reading “Before Dark”

Hair Fair 2014

Hair Fair 2014 has started!!For me it’s like the original SL charity related event. I went a bit shopping crazy last night when I had the chance to sneak in and I’m pretty excited to share some of my favorite styles with you! Above you see: Argrace, Lamb!, Milana, Elua, Lelutka and Ohmai Hair Fair’sContinue reading “Hair Fair 2014”

Celoe goes Kenya for C88

At midnight SLT,  Collabor88 is back with a brand new safari themed round! I so admire the creators who every time come up with new and pretty things that make my hands go all grabby. For this post, I am wearing Clawtooth‘s Adventure Girl and Glam Affair‘s Kallisto skin (check images below for all makeContinue reading “Celoe goes Kenya for C88”

Wraps for Spring

  You know what day it is? It’s the day before Collabor88 opens its doors again! Designers in a frenzy to set up for your shopping pleasure starting at Midnight SLT of April 8. Maitreya has already set up… and they are offering this gorgeous wrap dress. It looks so simple, but it’s an amazingContinue reading “Wraps for Spring”


I’m afraid you’re going to see me a lot in divine evening wear this month. This gown is what I’d LOVE to wear to a RL formal occasion. Classy and simple. All the * marked items are available at this month’s edition of Collabor88. Catch you later, beautiful people! ♥

Dark Magic

  So Mr. Hyx from Ison is responsible for this month’s awesome palette for Collabor88  and lives up to expectations with these awesome Lace up Gladiator sandals/boots which are SLink feet add-ons and this Leather Assymetrical jacket, where the bottom part is color change via HUD. I’m wearing it here with Hucci‘s Dallas skirt, whichContinue reading “Dark Magic”