52 Weeks of Color: Amazon

  I can’t believe this is the last week of the 2nd round of 52 weeks of color!! Luna, thank you so much for doing this for so long!! Hair Cece by Truth Skin Amberly by Glam Affair Eyes Eternity by Ikon Jewelry Starfish by Cae Dress Apple by Chantkare


I just received a notice from Chantkare that they have released this Apple dress, and when I saw it, I knew that I would need it right away. Need it, yes! Because tweed and plaid and dress is why! I’m wearing it with Ingenue’s Jude boots in mustard which were a Culture shock exclusive, andContinue reading “Apple”

52 Weeks of Color: Tyrian Purple

Jewelry by Yummy, hair by Elikatira, dress by Chantkare all for C88. Click image for full credits.  Royal Purple (also called Tyrian Purple or Byzantine Purple) is the deep purple pigment used for elite clothing beginning in the Roman period and illuminated manuscripts through the Middle Ages. The dye comes from several species of theContinue reading “52 Weeks of Color: Tyrian Purple”

Once Upon a Time….

In a land far, far away, there was a lovely princess wearing Lara Hurley‘s Snow White skin and Chantkare‘s Oscar dress with this awesome apple head dress! Because smart princesses better come prepared…. When the evil queen comes knocking on the door of the 7 dwarfs’ house, the princess will throw hers at the evilContinue reading “Once Upon a Time….”

Fairy Tales 2012 starts today!

Today one of the most alluring events of the year will open its doors. Fairy Tales 2012 wil offer you the best of the best from some of the most reputable creators on the grid. I’m just wearing a few things here that will be available  as of 2 pm slt today Hair by Exile,Continue reading “Fairy Tales 2012 starts today!”