The Day The World Went Away

Even though the world may come to an end, doesn’t mean I can’t look fab, right? I picked up Baiastice‘s Apocalypse lingerie at Uber and paired it with Gizza‘s No Escape! Leg bag and the boots from the same outfit.  What can I say, I like traveling light 🙂 Exile made this hair for UberContinue reading “The Day The World Went Away”


“Thanks for the hospitality” she said to the lifeless body of the man called Jack on the small bed in the corner of the bunker, before putting on the mask that once belonged to him and making her way to the ladder to go out in the new hostile reality after the eruption of  theContinue reading “Apocalypse”


Thank Goodness It’s Friday for sure! These weeks are so busy…. everything is picking up after the relatively slow summer months and I feel like I am constantly running to keep up with things both in SL and RL! Friday means 50 Linden Friday, and whereas I usually am not really interested in it anymore,Continue reading “TGIF”