Snow flake crystal

These (faux) fur coats from Foxes for Collabor88 are so comfy! The way they are textured makes them look really soft and cuddly. Must have for the season! I’m wearing it with the Frith knit top and skirt by Ryvolter, which are currently out at Uber. Paired with the nude lacquered Cult pumps from JustContinue reading “Snow flake crystal”

Something old, something new

When last week Sophia Harlow professed her still ongoing love for Celoe‘s Lolong pants (despite them being among the first mesh items to hit the grid back then) I was like, hell yeah, they still stand out!! And while I usually keep passed years’ items boxed in my inventory, these are not, and that shouldContinue reading “Something old, something new”


It’s so cold today!!! I had to change the sheets etc on my bed, or I would have been tempted to stay cuddled up under my duvet all day. But yeah, a nice clean bed is worth something, too… So i got up! I know pixels don’t feel cold (or warmth for that matter) butContinue reading “Kristen”

Nothing like a shift dress

It’s no secret that my preferred style of clothing is pretty classic so when I spotted this shift dress at Overhigh yesterday, it was calling out my name. The textures at Overhigh are just awesome and it makes it one of those shops I’ll continue to go back to over time, templates or not. IContinue reading “Nothing like a shift dress”

It fits!

Yesterday was all about the boobs and the bottoms, but hey… clothes work too with Belleza‘s Venus body!! There will always be clothes that you can’t wear with a mesh body because you do not have absolute freedom to alpha body parts exactly to your need, but I must say, I have been trying onContinue reading “It fits!”