Do you know AvaWay‘s pretties? They make some amazing jewelry and accessoires and yup… some shiny body wear as well! This Betsy set is sold in two locations, the top is available at Cosmopolitan and the panties will be out shortly at Palegirl Productions’ The Trunk Show. I recommend you go get both! They areContinue reading “Oops”

La princesse et la digue

It would have been too easy to dress up royally and then take a photo at some ball room, or a castle. But contrasts are making an image stronger, so this princess ended up at La digue du Braek for this shot. Love that sim. It’s so desolate. Sad almost with a special kind ofContinue reading “La princesse et la digue”

Drum beats

Instead of using poses, I like to use dances when I take pics for the blog. I don’t know, it gives a still some dynamic, especially when added a wee bit of motion blur. I’m dancing to the stream on my sim here, which is soma FM’s groovesalad. I kinda love that stream. It’s laidContinue reading “Drum beats”