Meery Christmas, or whatever you are celebrating!

  Merry Christmas! I’m not doing the Happy Holidays.  I love it when people wish for me to share in their happy, whatever their holidays are… I hope you will share in mine, even if i’m more like a Christmas grumpy than a Christmas cheery!! Oh damn, I forgot to mention that I used LeLutka’sContinue reading “Meery Christmas, or whatever you are celebrating!”

Are you gonna go my way?

Hair 28M by Iruco Skin Aria by League Glasses Zenith by Redgrave Scarf Thick Wool Rainbow by Teef*y Necklace Beaded Boho by Aura/Auxiliary Armband Cord by Illusions Sleeveless denim vest by Meli Imako (can someone please make a non template, awesome version of these???) Hip scarf by Mimikri Hot Couture Jeans Jane by Notsobad ShoesContinue reading “Are you gonna go my way?”

C88 March: Clawtooth, AUX, Yummy, Nylon Outfitters & Diesel works

Collabor88 is open.  And it’s spring and there is a new build and tons of colorful awesomeness. I am wearing the hair from Clawtooth (Get better soon, Bubbles!) and the spring crown and skin from Auxiliary. My lovely dress is from Nylon Outfitters and the cute camera and bow necklace if from Yummy. A newContinue reading “C88 March: Clawtooth, AUX, Yummy, Nylon Outfitters & Diesel works”

At the cabin

Aaaaand another week has started! Happy Monday y’all. I’m not a huge fan of Mondays usually, but today the sun is shining and that makes everything better. Yesterday I took some time to play with PXL‘s new Sophia skin and while I wasn’t immediately feeling it, I think it makes me look really cute now (I tweakedContinue reading “At the cabin”


I’m usually a fan of the more muted colors for an interior, but when I saw this couch from LISP at Collabor88, I just had to have it! All the colors made me smile! Also from Collabor88 this month is the  cute hair from LaViere, the Bunny Hoody from Auxiliary and the Kippen wedges fromContinue reading “Colorful”

Friday Blues

Having the blues isn’t always a bad thing, look at my clothes, it’s one of my current fave outfits, with Auxiliary‘s mini tote (C88) and Not So Bad‘s Joan jeans. I’m so glad the coldLogic team decided to release more versions of their cowl neck shirt and cropped cardi, because I love cowl necks. ThisContinue reading “Friday Blues”