Buckle up

I know I am usually dressing pretty conservatively, but every now and then, an item or 2 invites me to step out of my comfort zone and show a little wilder side. My new red manes are Jerry by Lelutka, and I am wearing Claudia skin by Belleza because I just love the more matureContinue reading “Buckle up”

Blood thirst

Sometimes even the gentlest creature gets caught with an overwhelming thirst… blood thirst. The little drink won’t do… you just need to sink your teeth in your victim’s neck and let the blood fill you till you feel drunk with the warm, thick fluid of life and their body goes limp in oblivion. Can youContinue reading “Blood thirst”


  Sometimes you start a post and then you get distracted and other things take precedence, such as RL. And then you’ll find it back in your drafts after a while and you wonder if you should still publish. Well, in this case, I am a total fan of Boom‘s tweed pants, so these newContinue reading “Boom!”

FAIR: Round 2

FAIR, the new concept by Chic Management, is ready to start its 2nd round and I’m proud to be able to give you a preview on what’s to be expected. This awesome gown by Gizza for instance, as well as a lovely new skin by Lara Hurley! The concept of FAIR is easy… you getContinue reading “FAIR: Round 2”


In a few days, on the 22nd, Fair is starting. What fair, you say? No, Fair is starting. A new event where it’s not about the discounts, but about the most awesome content for a fair price. Chic Management is running this monthly event and they say “So no discount? No worries! We will beContinue reading “Fair”


Hair by Truth, Rhonda Skin by Izzie, Elisa Eyes by Ikon, Horizon Daisy by Izzie, Daisies Necklace by Amorous, Catharsis Cardigan by Chronokit, Summer Cardigan Shirt by Michami, Washed out tank Belt by League, Vintage chiffon belt (tinted) Skirt by Tram, Linen skirt Bunny by Zooby