After all the formal wear, a much needed casual break! Even though not new, the denim shorts from One Bad Pixel are still among my favorites and one of the few items that survived my recent massive delete and box up exercise on my inventory which reduced the count from almost 70k to a comfortableContinue reading “Tia”

Not feeling it

  Sorry, I don’t mean the clothes, of course! I love everything I am wearing in this post! But’s I’m simply not feeling to put stuff on the blog, and go over credits etc., lately after having taken the pics. I don’t know, maybe it’s time for a little break. So forgive the mess ofContinue reading “Not feeling it”

Comfy & Cozy

  Sunday!!! And I am not doing a thing today and there is no one at home to make me feel guilty about it! I’m so busy with this latest RL work assignment that I have precious little energy left to do anything else, but that’s what weekends are good for. Yesterday I spent mostlyContinue reading “Comfy & Cozy”

Vintage Fair: One Bad Pixel

Dress by One Bad Pixel. For more credits, click the image Ever since sachi Vixen and Siddean Munro joined forces in One Bad Pixel, their releases have been rock solid. This pretty Vintage dress which is only available at Vintage Fair for now, is no exception. It comes in a ton of colors, really, but I love this canaryContinue reading “Vintage Fair: One Bad Pixel”

More Bad Pixels

I was fiddling with this pose, and I’m kinda happy how it turned out, so I decided to use it for today’s post. One Bad Pixel, as I told you yesterday, has a massive and colorful new release out, and shown here are the Stillwater bikini in pink, and the Chryssie Maxi dress in BadContinue reading “More Bad Pixels”

Chryssie & Diem

One Bad Pixel has a big new release out, and I am wearing the lovely and very sexy Chryssie maxi dress here. It’s one of the sexiest necklines I have seen. And another reason why I adore mesh clothing. You’ll probably see more of this new collection soon on my blog, but  I just didn’t wantContinue reading “Chryssie & Diem”