A Safe Place

  Just a quickie to show you guys the awesome new Aviation set from Pilot. That safe… it’s a must have and it’s available at this month’s faMESHed. Other need to knows: Hair Only by Elikatira Skin Renee trend by Glam Affair for Collabor88 (opening on January 8) Clothing by Gizza Feet and hands byContinue reading “A Safe Place”


So… my laptop died on me, and now I’m trying to take piccies on my old computer which surprises me that it actually still runs SL. No shadows though and I need to take pics at a lower resolution than I’d like to and please don’t IM me when I try to take pics, beauseContinue reading “Timeless”

Bilo @ Cinema

I picked up this Anarkali Kameez with matching dupatta at Bilo‘s booth at Cinema. While I’d likely never wear a kameez in RL, I love dressing up in various “local” styles in SL and the Indian/Pakistani clothing is so colorful, with such gorgeous fabrics and textures that you can’t help but to feel very feminineContinue reading “Bilo @ Cinema”

Expressive Hands

About 70% of ALL communication is non verbal. Body language so to speak. How people use their eyes, their faces to express how they feel about things. Hands are a powerful tool in communication. They speak a language of their own. Ask any Italian :). SLink has released some awesome female mesh hands with variousContinue reading “Expressive Hands”

Star Chaser

Again, I am taking more pics than I can actually blog…. and this frustrates me, because i take a lot of pics with the intention of using them for the blog… Anyway, this is my star chaser outfit, with items mostly from Glam Affair. The skin is still available at The Arcade Gatcha, the JamieContinue reading “Star Chaser”

Mujer Desnuda

Ms Kimmera Madison dropped me her hunt item for the A Night at the Opera Hat Hunt last night. It’s a fabulous hat, in 2 versions. I’m wearing the “simple” version, you can see the more elaborate one on Mr Jefferson’s blog. Our resident Vanity in Motion totally pulls it off. Is there anything this manContinue reading “Mujer Desnuda”


In a few days, on the 22nd, Fair is starting. What fair, you say? No, Fair is starting. A new event where it’s not about the discounts, but about the most awesome content for a fair price. Chic Management is running this monthly event and they say “So no discount? No worries! We will beContinue reading “Fair”


Honestly? I couldn’t be less interested in summoning the death, so I’d be a lousy necromancer, but this mesh outfit from Deviance is called that way, and I happen to really love the look of it and the staff is awesome. I’m wearing it with the new Sphynx hair from Amacci and Glam Affair‘s Leah in aContinue reading “Necromancer”