Zaara has released an incredible collection of mesh jewelry, Atiriya, and I picked the carnelian stones to wear in this pic. They are so lifelike and pretty that I am seriously jealous of Grazia right now that she has these, and I don’t have them in RL! Other than Zaara‘s jewelry, I’m not wearingContinue reading “Atiriya”


  Don sent me this adorable Janelle mesh gown last night from a brand called Shey, which I had never heard of before. I went to take a look and was pleasantly surprised. I’m not following all the mesh templates that come out, and I think they may use some, but the prices are fair, and almostContinue reading “Janelle”

Not so little red riding hood

Hair (with hood and shrug) Ladymana by Catwa Skin Amberly by Glam Affair Shirt Basic longshirt by Erratic Top Lycia tank by Mon Tissu Meshhands by SLink Jeans Juju by Très Blah Vanity Boots by SLink

Dutchie’s Study

Dutchie‘s Froukje has remade her most popular furniture, the Dom/me chairs in mesh!! They now are 4 L.I.  and stuffed with 10 single and 70 couple animations and 4 sequences and no balls (also in a PG version, but, like Froukje says “who cares”)! To match the chairs, there are library segments and a cast ironContinue reading “Dutchie’s Study”

inside my ego

I blame Kirsty Oherlihy from Rack poses for my current fascination with black and white photography. She’s been on a roll lately and I had the pleasure to pose for a few of them as well. You can find her flickr stream here. Fair warning, a lot of what is on there is not suitable forContinue reading “inside my ego”


  Sometimes I’m scrolling over my fave RL blogs and I will see a picture that inspires me to do something similar in SL. I usually store those pics in my chaos of bookmarks and never ever find them back, but one of my resolutions for 2013 is to actually do something with those images.Continue reading “Sometimes…”