A shop release from Fashionably Dead! That calls for some blog loving. Of course we have the regular, monthly, releases at Collabor88, which as always lovely, but with all the events, one would almost forget that all these creators have shops, too!! Toast has released a nice little collection of mix and match stuff andContinue reading “Powersuit”


  The new round of The Boutique offers this lovely hair from Shi, the stunning jewelry by Cae and the minimalist gown and vests from Peqe. Of course there is much , much more, but this is just a small selection of awesome. From the newly opened round of My Attic, I picked up theContinue reading “Empire”


After all the formal wear, a much needed casual break! Even though not new, the denim shorts from One Bad Pixel are still among my favorites and one of the few items that survived my recent massive delete and box up exercise on my inventory which reduced the count from almost 70k to a comfortableContinue reading “Tia”


I’m afraid you’re going to see me a lot in divine evening wear this month. This gown is what I’d LOVE to wear to a RL formal occasion. Classy and simple. All the * marked items are available at this month’s edition of Collabor88. Catch you later, beautiful people! ♥