I’m afraid you’re going to see me a lot in divine evening wear this month. This gown is what I’d LOVE to wear to a RL formal occasion. Classy and simple. All the * marked items are available at this month’s edition of Collabor88. Catch you later, beautiful people! ♥


  Shi is a guest in this edition of Collabor88 and offers this amazing Tsade body cuff and Daleth wrap top. I’m wearing it here on Sn@tch Borghese skirt and basically the only real color accent comes from my Glam Affair Lucy 01 snow skin, currently available at The Dressing Room. I don’t know why,Continue reading “Desert”

Opera Season

  With the summer coming to an end and the days shortening, the theatre and opera season takes off again. I know that people usually don’t dress formally anymore to go to the opera, and I regret that. It’s a lovely occasion to put on a gorgeous gown and enjoy an evening of music andContinue reading “Opera Season”


  Yesterday, through one of the groups I belong to, I got the message that à la Folie had released some new dressed. I’ve never been much of a fan of the brand and almost clicked the note card closed without even looking at it further, but for whatever reason I opened one of theContinue reading “Divine”

We Have a King

  A few hours ago our Queen Beatrix has signed the abdication in the Royal Palace at Dam Square at Amsterdam, making place for her son, Willem-Alexander who as of that moment is our King. In little over one hour King Willem-Alexander will take the oath in the Nieuwe Kerk and pledge his loyalty toContinue reading “We Have a King”


  Mirja Mills from Emo-tions has been making some pretty stunning jewelry lately. This one is called Everlasting and isn’t it a gorgeous set? When you buy it you get 3 sets in different colour combinations, this one is Turquoise. I love Emo-tions for their (fantasy) hair, but this is surely an awesome addition toContinue reading “Everlasting”