Missed you too!


I’ve been on vacation! Have y’ all missed me? All whopping 5 of you? No? Good because between long walks in colorful forests, excellent food, sleep -ins and quality me-time, I really haven’t missed this blog either 🙂 But, I’m back now, and rested, and even my RL dark under eye circles have diminished on their own, no miracle serums or amazing concealers needed! Wondering how long that effect will last as the end of year is usually extremely busy in my job. 

anyway, on to the goods:
Hair by Truth, Ciara
Mesh head by LeLutka, Simone
Facial applier by l’Etre, Isabela
Lipstick by Pink Fuel, Dazzle Me
Oversized puffer jacket by COCO Designs
Cropped Turtleneck Sweater by Ison
Frank boots and Frank jeans by Blueberry

Told ya

Told ya

Hair with cap Hazel by Mina @Uber
Mesh head Simone by LeLutka
Dilated eyes by Izzie’s  @Uber
Layla brows by Warpaint @Uber
Eueshadow Voxen by Veechi  @Uber
Facial applier Aradia by Glam Affair
Vest Natasha by Azuchi  @Uber
Panties Annan by RKKN
Snowboots with socks by COCO Design
Snowboard prop by Fashowl

On the subway


Hair H2010 by Tram @Uber
Mesh head Simone by LeLutka
Facial applier Trecy by Glam Affair
Lipstick Dazzle Me by Pink Fuel 
Eyebrows Layla by Warpaint @Uber
Eyes Dilated by Izzie’s  @Uber
Trenchcoat Noemi by Salt & Pepper (includes the turtleneck, can be switched off) @Uber
Backdrop Travel Scene by Minimal  @Uber

Weekend once more


These are comfy times. Despite it still being way too warm for the time of the year, it’s slowly geting nice wearing a sweater again, especially in evenings. And I do love a good sweater! Soft yarn, a beautiful knit…. my kind of clothing!

In SL is was struck by this Frazzle top by Neve at Tres Chic. The top is included and can be turned on and off if you want to, and can be tinted in different neutral colors. I’m wearing it on my forever favourite jeans from Blueberry, DWL. Great 5-pocket no nonsense jeans with the amazing Blueberry butt!
My hair is Truth‘s Aislin, currently available at Uber, and my skin is Glam Affair‘s Trecy, also from this month’s Uber,  worn upon my LeLutka Simone.


Today’s second look is more of a ready to go out look. The crossover top from Emery is available at this month’s Uber and so are the Anastasia pants by Rebel Gal. Depending on where you are heading, add some sneakers or a sexy plateau pump underneath and you’re good to go!

I’m also wearing Tableau Vivant‘s Isabel, a sweet style with braided sides, on a Catwa/Omega fitted hairbase which isn’t too bad on my LeLutka head either and I’m still in love with Glam Affair‘s Trecy skin. Not sure if I would still love it if I had the more average mouth shape in SL(aka, bee stung lips) because I think the pout on my thinner than average lips is pretty accentuated already. But hey… let’s just pretend Didi made this with my lips in mind!! 🙂

My glasses are the Beast Shadez by Nexor, and I have no idea anymore where I picked up these babies. I had never heard from Nexor before, but damn, these are cute!

These are a few of my favourite things


At this edition of The Epiphany, Azuchi brings you Natti, a pretty badass but still feminine gacha set consisting of pants, top, loose sleeves and the rare flower applications. The texture work is pretty damn badass too! If your machine can handle it, turn on all shadows and materials and enjoy!

I’m wearing Natti here with Murray‘s new Kasia skin applier for my LeLutka Simone head, together with Stealthic‘s Ivy hair. I wish Hunter, Stealthic‘s creator, could dedicate more time to SL creations, because man… the guy knows curls!


At Uber, which is well on its way by now, this month it’s a plethora of OMG, I NEED THAT! For instance this gorgeous Fox hair by Lamb, or this cute Tartan dress by Vinyl! Oh and Belleza made Sadie, a LeLutka applier! Much love for Tricky and Shyla for not completely forgetting about us LeLutka dolls!!! <3

Trick or Treat

That's where my demons hide

This is what you usually think of when you think October, Halloween… demonic, gorgeously evil, stuff that your worst nightmares are made of. I ran into this all face tattoo with some diamond embellishments at this month’s Kustom9. It’s from Studio Exposure make up and it’s both for Catwa and Omega. I’m wearing it here on my usual LeLutka Simone, and it looks pretty cool if you ask me. 

But then, as a contrast with all the dark and nightmarish October stuff, Canimal will release this adorable Candy Couture Cupcake dress as part of her The Epiphany gacha set. I’m wearing it with Stealthic‘s Ivy hair (Kustom9) and Glam Affair‘s Morgan skin (awesome October make ups for LeLutka at The Epiphany). I picked one of the neutrals here and added some older Glam Affair make ups to remain in the candy theme! I must say, I do like the sweet and sugary pixel me better than my demonic one. I wouldn’t want meeting myself in a dark alley like that!

cherries on top

October already!?

Le Cri - Pryce Macabre Halloween Challenge

Time flies… way too fast. You bat your lashes twice and all of a sudden it’s October. *screams*

Mind you, this is NOT my time of the year. I love the autumn weather, the colder nights, even the storms and the rain, but I seriously do not care for Halloween, zombies, fright night and what it all leads up to….. Christmas.

And yet I have felt compelled to take pics with the awesome stuff that creators who obviously LIVE for this time of year have come up with… like the above mask by Katatonik, or the below creatures by Alrunia Ahn.

Creature - Pryce Macabre Halloween Challenge

I took above pics for Lawrence Pryce’s Macabre halloween Challenge. If you do not follow Lawrence on Facebook or Flickr, you should, this man comes up with the best photography challenges!

Lethally cute

and then there is me just being plain October Vain… Lethally cute in Canimal‘s Goth set and Rama Salon‘s Saturday hair, both game at the first Pop Up edition of The Arcade.

My flawless complexion as always is from Glam Affair, one of my recent favorites, Trecy, and I put on some bloody lips from Izzie!