I Definitely Need a New Computer

My friend Aradia Dielli took this picture after she installed her new graphic card….. I have a notebook wit an integrated card that might not even survive the next update, although it’s not even 1 year old……..In order to update anything, I would have to buy a new motherboard, which would cost me as much as a new computer. /me notes that a next computer should be a heavy user desk top

Tuscany in SL

Second Life is massively popular in Italy. Ever since last november the Italian media started covering Second Life quite frequently, there has been a continuous flow of Italian residents to our grid. Since most Italians are not known for being polyglots , they tend to stick together in an increasing number of Italian sims where they can speak their own language. Some of which are really nothing more than a bunch of prims thrown randomly together, but others are real jewels. Like the recently opened sim of Toscana. I went there today to take some photo’s of Last Call’s latest release which I will cover on Second Style Blog. There is a beach, a disco (for the better Rimini feeling), but also replica’s of the bell tower of Pisa, the Florentine Cathedral and a delightful tuscan borgo, a little hill town. It’s a nice sim to just wander around, or to spend a Sunday afternoon with a bunch of friends at the picnic tables. Very Italian, very nice.

The photo is the Milena outfit, that is really lovely and sexy, but did not fit in well with the other photos. I love the contrast though of the dramatic black outfit with the clean drying laundry 🙂

Maintenance Scares the Hell Out of Me

A planned release was postponed last Wednesday wooooo! Too many bugs to release v 1.17.0. Instead there would be some maintenance and limited down time to complete some database work. Sounds good, and I am convinced of the good intentions of our brave Lindens, but OMG… what a pain did SL become after the completion of the work. That cannot have been the purpose.

A blog post on the official Linden Blog mentioned some Search problems that need to be adressed. Such a euphemism. Is that the Bristol influence that we notice already? UK people are masters of understatement. SL is borked. Big time BORKED. Search does not work, you can’t upload anything, sims have disappeared, TP’s fail, people get stuck in sims where they don’t want to be and on top of everything I just tried to log on to a sim where I wanted to go which apparently was unavailable, so I got sent to a nearby sim which happened to be Linden land Hanson. Not only not being able to go where I needed to, but ruthed to the bone. No previously worn attachments have stuck to my avie. Second time around my account was unavailable for like 10 minutes. Good work guys.. awesome maintenance job. I think I am going to faint when the next update is anounced… must be sheer hell as this is only the aftermath of “some maintenance”.
Taking photos is also a virtual impossibility right now, so I took one from my archive.

Relay For Life Midway Fair

Today was the Relay for Life Midway Fair. Half way through this year’s campaign we are now at a striking 20 million L$ (over 80k USD). Most of the RFL support teams had booths or plots set up at one of the 4 available sims, and as soon as the event started traffic was so high. Within one hour the Relay Cure sim crashed.

My team, Shopaholics for a Cause/Cure, was offering tarot readings but the start was so stressfull. The readers could not come in because the sim was full, and one of the 2 that eventually did make her way to the venue kept crashing. Luckily later everything settled down more or less and we could all enjoy the fair.

I could attend only a small part of the event that took place from 1-9pm SLT, as the main part of it was in my night. But it was so much fun seeing everyone looking lovely in gypsy wear. So many wonderful, funny, colourful, sexy people all together raising funds for fighting cancer. It’s just an awesome thing.
Thanks to all my wonderful friends for making this event so succesful and fun. You know who you are!
Now we should start making a serious planning for an event at the end of June/beginning of July. We have found several content creators willing to make one of a kind items that can be auctioned off, and whilst I am not yet relealing any names, I can reassure you that they are amongst SL’s finest designers!

Sometimes Fashion Is Not Enough

Ever since December 2006 I have been writing for Second Style blog. I love it, and probably will be blogging for a long time, but every now and then I would like to share some things with you that just are not appropriate on a fashion blog. Like for Instance the press conference with Bruce Willis which I attended the other day.

The guys at Silverscreen have really gone through a lot to recreate several spectacular scenes from Willis’ latest movie Live Free or Die Hard. It’s a great sim to do some heavy duty exploration as all over the sim you will find some awesome themed freebies made by Sachi Vixen and Damen Gorilla from Adam ‘n Eve. Who by the way also made the incredibly good Bruce Willis (Bee Dub) avatar.

But about the press conference. Timing was a bit awkward as Mr. Willis got stuck in the Los Angeles rush hour. So the gathered press, RL and SL alike, as well as some winners from a Bruce Willis contest first waited in anticipation for the actor to arrive at the venue where he would go live on stream to interact with the audence. This was actually quite a funny moment. A lot of the journalists from RL had never been to SL before and paniced when it became clear that moving around in SL is not quite what they expected.

SL resident: pls sit down
RL journalist: how?
SL resident: right click the poseball and choose sit
RL journalist: WTH is a poseball?

Things like that. After a bit it became clear that a little delay was actually quite a bit of a delay, and the audience started to be increasingly nervous. Some of them downright rude and pushy. Now you must know that 4:15 pm slt is actually 1:15 am for me, but I did not want to surrender to sleep and just kept talking with a couple of friends that where there as well. Finally Willis got on stream and the pressconference could start. Total chaos hahaha… people started shouting their questions… over and over again which were answered on stream (yep.. we actually heard Bruce Willis shouting Yippee Ki Yay and even sing a few notes for us). Unfortumnately lag took the better of me after a bit and in the middle of the Q&A my audio began to fail, shortly after which I crashed. When after several attempts I finally made it back in.. the Q&A was over.