52 Weeks of Color: Gold

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas with this week’s color. Gold is so festive!! I’m wearing Clawtooth‘s Take on me hair (C88) with YS&YS‘ Persefone skin (TDR Fusion). My hazel Utopia eyes are, as usual, by Ikon. For the With Love Hunt, Cae offers this awesome set Flourish of which I am wearing the delicateContinue reading “52 Weeks of Color: Gold”

Chestnut Winter Camp for C88

Another C88 post because this edition is SO cool…. literally as the inspiration is “frostbite” and the creativity again overwhelming. I’m a happy camper in Cheeky Pea‘s Chestnut Winter Camp, with all the items full of animations, both in a PG and an Adult version. Please try the ones on the iglo, they are so cute!! Although in RLContinue reading “Chestnut Winter Camp for C88”

More With Love Hunt stuffs

The With Love Hunt is well under way and there is SO much awesome to get! The participants have set the hunt item for sale for only 10 L$ but the value of the gifts is way, way, WAAAAAY bigger than that. Like this cap from SyS and the jewelry set from Maxi Gossamer andContinue reading “More With Love Hunt stuffs”

52 Weeks of color: Cotton Candy

Ha, 2 very pink pics in a row, but what can I say… I love me some pink at times! Also, Cotton candy reminds me of the circus and festivals that I used to go to as a child. Happy times, until the cotton candy got stuck in my hair and the drama that followedContinue reading “52 Weeks of color: Cotton Candy”

Thank you!

Today It’s been exactly 6 years since I posted my first, awkward entry on Second Style blog. I would have never thought that after so much time, I would still be around and blogging. Actually with a lot more fun at it than in a long, long time. I would like to thank you, myContinue reading “Thank you!”

Cae is open!

Finally! The wait is over, Cae has opened her shop! My sister Caelan Hancroft, who you may know from her blog Simply Stylish, has been teaching herself the mysteries of Blender and has been making some awesome jewelry to start her business with. I’m wearing the Knotted set here, which is awesome for a lot ofContinue reading “Cae is open!”

At the cabin

Aaaaand another week has started! Happy Monday y’all. I’m not a huge fan of Mondays usually, but today the sun is shining and that makes everything better. Yesterday I took some time to play with PXL‘s new Sophia skin and while I wasn’t immediately feeling it, I think it makes me look really cute now (I tweakedContinue reading “At the cabin”

Preview Celoe 2012 Fall Collection

I’m proud to be able to share a preview with you of the upcoming Fall 2012 collection from Celoe. It will be released on November 2, so I’m not too bad a tease, huh? Dress: Poppy by Celoe (out November 2) Hair: Collide by Exile (faMESHed) Skin: Roza by Glam Affair Jewelry by Maxi GossamerContinue reading “Preview Celoe 2012 Fall Collection”

Edy ‘n Ears and Fiddling with shapes

Do I need mesh ears? No… Do I wear a lot of piercings? No.. Were these beauties from Mandala a steal? Hell no!! Then why on earth did I get these? Err… because they are awesome? and because they have a gazillion (I kid you not) options for playing with the various textures for theContinue reading “Edy ‘n Ears and Fiddling with shapes”

Expressive Hands

About 70% of ALL communication is non verbal. Body language so to speak. How people use their eyes, their faces to express how they feel about things. Hands are a powerful tool in communication. They speak a language of their own. Ask any Italian :). SLink has released some awesome female mesh hands with variousContinue reading “Expressive Hands”