Biding my time

Hair Izzie by Oleander (Tannenbaum) Mesh head Catya by Catwa (Bento viewer required) Facial applier candy by Insol (Uber) Emily dress and scarf by Just Because (Uber) Candy cane leggings by Sweet Thing (Tannenbaum) Anna boots and socks by Just Because (Uber) Shot on location at It all starts with a smile

The witch at home

When not stirring my cauldron, brewing up new concoctions, I love a quiet moment with my crystal ball, looking into the future….. Credits: Hair Blair by Tableau Vivant (Salem) Mesh head Cami by Catwa Facial applier Liya by Pink Fuel Kismet dress by Just Because Magick shoppe by Death Row Designs (Memento Mori)  

Just Because

Fellow blogger and Dutchie Kaelyn Alecto has redone her sim It all starts with a smile, the tropical edition, and it’s yet again a happy place to explore, take pics and hang out! Thanks Kae for your generosity in offering us such a pretty place!! <3 Just Because has a new main store release. IContinue reading “Just Because”