Pride, or the unexpected joys of inventory cleaning (NSFW)

While trying to keep my inventory in check, I came across this bubble chair from LP2, pre mesh, it’s made of sculpts, and I haven’t used it in ages, but when I rezzed it, I noticed again it is actually full of nice sits, and so well made… How can I delete this?   EvenContinue reading “Pride, or the unexpected joys of inventory cleaning (NSFW)”

inside my ego

I blame Kirsty Oherlihy from Rack poses for my current fascination with black and white photography. She’s been on a roll lately and I had the pleasure to pose for a few of them as well. You can find her flickr stream here. Fair warning, a lot of what is on there is not suitable forContinue reading “inside my ego”


  Sometimes I’m scrolling over my fave RL blogs and I will see a picture that inspires me to do something similar in SL. I usually store those pics in my chaos of bookmarks and never ever find them back, but one of my resolutions for 2013 is to actually do something with those images.Continue reading “Sometimes…”

Boobies and Baths (NSFW)

It’s been a while since I wanted to blog about Trompe l’Oeil’s Barrel Bath which is so beautiful and I finally found the perfect setting. Outside. Yeah, sounds stupid, but this is just very much an outside bath, especially because of the gorgeous stone decor it’s placed on. Another reason for getting in the tubContinue reading “Boobies and Baths (NSFW)”

NSFW: Morning Bath

NSFW for the mere fact that there are boobies in the image. Otherwise I don’t see anything wrong with this awesome bathtub by Trompe l’Oeil for Fameshed. Yes, it comes with some pretty raunchy adult animations, but also the “normal” bathing animations are pretty awesome. So I imagine tossing in a Lush bath bomb (theyContinue reading “NSFW: Morning Bath”

NSFW: Nothing like a cool shower on a hot day

Fellow blogger Sixx Yangtz is also a fellow pose maker, but he’s way more active than yours truly, and while he focuses on male poses with his brand HISposé, that doesn’t mean I can’t use them! Just, some poses won’t work for girls because, well, you know, boobs and hips…

Once Upon a Time….

In a land far, far away, there was a lovely princess wearing Lara Hurley‘s Snow White skin and Chantkare‘s Oscar dress with this awesome apple head dress! Because smart princesses better come prepared…. When the evil queen comes knocking on the door of the 7 dwarfs’ house, the princess will throw hers at the evilContinue reading “Once Upon a Time….”