Your Designs on This Blog?

Grazia’s SL is not primarily a review blog, but if you want your designs featured here, it all starts with letting me know you exist. You can always drop a folder with a note card about your business, a landmark to your main store, some pics and eventually samples of your designs to  Grazia Horwitz.

Whether I will blog your designs or not is at my discretion. This is a hobby, I want to blog things I actually like. However, should I ever ask you for review copies, then you may expect your items being used on the blog within 14 days after you send it (or I will contact you with the reason for the delay).

There are designers I have established friendships with, and I like to use  friends’ works in  outfits and posts.  Being usually more  outspoken and critical towards friends than towards strangers though,  you can be sure that I really appreciate the pieces I use for the blog.

I am a  firm believer of  “If you can’t say anything nice, better to not say anything at all”.  On the other hand, being only human,  every now and then, something may surface that I feel very strongly about and which needs to be voiced, just as much as I like to share the good stuff!

If you have questions, feel free to ask. You can email Grazia at graziahorwitz(at)gmail-dot-com  or contact me  in-world.