Cozy (NSFW)

Happy new year to each and everyone of you! May 2016 bring you health and happiness and all that you wish for!

I decided to start off the year on Dutchie‘s new sectional sofa, which actually is a reproduction of the one she owns in RL. The individual sections are easily (re-) arranged to for your personal needs and are full of the best animations on the grid. It comes in a PG and an Adult version, the PG set filled with 30 female, 30 male and 30 couple animations and the Adult one has on top of the 30 male and female solos, also 90 couple animations as well as 4 sequences (not counting the ones in the mirrored versions). Plenty of stuff to keep yourselves busy for a couple of hours, no?

Watch out…. NSFW ahead!
We kind of lost ourselves in trying out all the animations and before we knew it, our clothes had disappeared. Did you know that the newer Dutchie furniture is Aeros compatible for automatic tilting should he wish so? Less of a fuss… more fun for us!!

Just in case you were actually looking at the decor (yeah right) I used the table of Post‘s Haarlem set as a coffee table and the plants you can see are all from Apple Fall. The grand Piano is by Lisp and in the curtains are by ASO! Remind me to close them the next time, we may have shocked a neighbor or 2.


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