NSFW Sundays: SLink Hourglass, curvy but not thick

Yesterday, the much anticipated Hourglass body from SLink came out, and the body concious crowd of SL went crazy, moi included! I hoped for a real curvaceous body, not one that you need to make your shape grotesque to achieve some meat on your bones. It’s no secret that I felt that the first SLink body was too slender/gamine by nature for my  taste and tweaking my shape only did so much for me.

Well, Hourglass is the exact opposite! Holy tits and ass on a shelf!!! This is a combination of Christina Hendricks in a push up (good!) and Colombian booty on steroids (not so good). Add some serious corsetting on the waist and there she is… the Hourglass. The name is perfect, but I had to do some serious tweaking of my shape (thickness, lovehandles, hips and hip length) to make me feel comfortable with it. Thank goodness I have never been shy about shape tweaks, or I would have had a problem! Below the result of my tweak!

Not bad huh? These pics do show one of my main issues with fitting stuff to the body though. I usually do wear lingerie under my outfits (don’t ask me why, RL habits die hard) and I find that SLink applier lingerie looks pretty distorted on the hourglass body. It irks me and tweaking the shape asyou see, didn’t make it better. I hope that it’s something that can be fixed by SLink, because with all the bodies on the market, I’m not sure a creator is too happy on making yet another version of their stuff to accomodate this.

Diversity is nice, and i absolutely see myself having use for this body, but it is going to take me away from my regular Maitreya Lara? Nope. And that is not so much due to the body, as well the HUD that SLink provides. Granted, it’s full of options, but it’s all crammed in one “page” and it overwhelms me… I want to close the HUD as soon as I open it and with each update/new product, it seems to become fuller and fuller. My choice of body is a combination of look and user friendliness, and the SLink HUD is a major turn off for me.

SLink Hourglass HUD


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