Seriously NSFW Sunday: Romp

See the title? You’ve been warned!

Romp has started on October 2, catering to the tasteful kinksters of SL and it has been FULL right from the beginning. So much naughty people!!! I love it!

Last week I have showed you a preview of the play room set from Dutchie that is out for Romp, this week, I have been having fun with poses by Rack Poses and oOo Studio, two of my favourite posers in SL.

Above is Deep Two from oOo Studio. There is also a M/M version of this pose, by the way! In the back, you see some of the naughty lamps that Zerkalo has out for Romp!

Below instead, Midnight Snack from Rack Poses. Yup, delicious, right? The harness that I am wearing is also available at Romp, it’s from the talented hands of the creators behind Aisling!

Or, like Froukje said the other day “So much sex going on in SL this weekend!”

Have fun and play safe!

Taxi to Romp


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