SERIOUSLY NSFW: All work and no play

I usually keep things fairly PG on this blog, but every now and then the naughty girl gets out to play and this is one of those times. On October 2, Romp will start  new round, and Dutchie will have this amazing play room set out for the occasion. Mind you, there is NOTHING PG about this set… so that’s why I am inserting a cut here.

The set is made of 5 pieces, a bed, a rack, a horse, a post and a detention cabinet. Oh yes… lots of stuff for lots of playtime!

In total more than 200 animation sets for BDSM roleplay: 161 M/F couple animations, 30 MMF threesome animations and 15 female solo animations. Inside the furniture are 18 sequences, they have RLV options, give out several props and are Aeros compatible for automatic tilting.

The chains on the bed disappear during the chained animations and are replaced with particle chains. The bed gives out 2 different kind of cuffs for the bound and chained animations, as well as a temp attach feather, dildo and candle.

Actually, every piece of furniture gives out items that enhance your roleplay. Whether it be a whip or a dildo, a teasing feather or a cool bottle of beer, it’s all in the details, guys!!

Remember the days of poseballs…. of having to let furniture load forever, of wonky animations that interrupt your play? Those are in the past. That is… unless you’re lagging real bad… but then again… what RP works with lag anyway?

Caveat: the engines that operate these pieces of furniture are very complex. Please demo before purchasing and if your shape is on the extreme side (tall, short, curvy, it just may not work for you!! However, average adjustments in positioning are no issue,


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