Enchanted: news from Exile

For the new round of Enchantment, Exile has these new hairs out!! Left, the regular Librarian chic and right the prize, Tea Time. I chose not to wear the accesoires that come with these hairs, but they are adorable A bow for the Librarian Chic hair and a little cocquette tea cup hat for the Tea Time hair!! Also, Kavar has been updating his textures and combined some packs Check below!

Looks good, no?
Also I am wearing Fiore‘s new Toni mesh head, in the Angelic edition. Gogo did a nice review on it over here. I agree with most she writes, but I would also love to see the teeth be made better (shape and color) and the ears need some massive work before I will use this head to show off some gorgeous earrings. Also I would love the possibility to use my own eyes!!

I am wearing David Heather‘s Connexion Dress, which i found at an event called Trend 3. Lucky find. I never heard of this event 🙂


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