NSFW: Goddess on a mountain top

Belleza is close to releasing their long anticipated fitted mesh body and I have the privilege to play with it already. It’s divine. The name, Venus, wel chosen.  There are a couple of last beta kinks to be ironed out, but ladies… you’ll be in for a treat both in looks and user friendliness!!

The set I had sent to me contains 2 bodies. One complete Belleza body, with HUD driven hands (16 different hand positions)  and feet (flat, medium and high) as well as a SLink compatible body, so you can wear your beloved attachments and shoes just like before. I tried to wear a pair of SLink add-ons with the full Belleza body, and while the front fits well, the heel peeks through the shoes. But like I said, you can always wear your SLink feet with the body, so that’s not really an issue.

Besides the body and the HUD and several tattoo layers to blend the SL head with the mesh body, there are also a couple of sets of basic but beautiful underwear as well as two pairs of beautiful Just Design sandals to get you going.

Below I am posting a shot of the several HUD tabs. It’s so incredibly easy to use that it’s a pleasure to play with and the detailed alpha possibilities are among the best I have seen so far.

“So Grazia,” you say… “is this body perfection?”
It’s close, my dears, but alas.. as with everything in SL, or in life in general for that matter, perfection does not exist.
Some people experience some issues with the fitting of the neck. Necks are tricky things (no pun intended) in SL as I have noticed also neck issues of various kinds with other available bodies. I did notice improvement when I tinkered a bit with my jaw height, so that may be something to keep in mind.  generally I think the alpha body should be a bit lower on the neck, and the mesh body have a bit of an alpha on the top of the neck, so it blends in better, but I might be completely wrong. Just a feeling.

The push up option is awesome, like UMPH, there are the tatas!! But when you chose the push up option, your bra top will not fit anymore. It may be nice in some situations to have the girls out on a shelf so to say, but honestly.. I don’t care for nude push up. When the girls are free, they should be natural, I want push up in my bra!

And last but not least… and it’s really not an important issue for the wearability of the body… the scripts in the info tab all point to google.com instead of to the various sites mentioned on the buttons.

Conclusion: my new favorite body, plumps up wonderfully as you can see, because i upped my sliders quite a bit for this post. Not perfect, but with the potential to completely satisfy my mesh body needs. I’m shouting out to my favorite skin creators to contact the Belleza team about the options to make appliers because i seriously think Belleza will be a market leader for mesh bodies, together with our beloved SLink.


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  1. Thank you for your detailed analysis! I wear mostly Belleza skins and have been waiting and waiting for them to release a body. I can hardly wait!

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